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  Mission Statement  

North Haven High School, together with parents and the community, ensures a safe, engaging and innovative learning environment.  We think critically and deeply, read, write, and debate effectively, solve problems collaboratively, and engage the world ethically.


Academic Expectations

Students will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
  1. Communication: The process of expressing ideas in a variety of media and for a variety of purposes, attending to discipline-specific content and conventions.  
  2. Digital Literacy: The process of using real world digital tools to ethically access, evaluate, and strategically integrate information for authentic tasks.
  3. Analytical Thinking: The process of breaking complex processes into components and pursuing solutions systematically and logically.
  4. Health and Wellness: The process of understanding  and utilizing health and wellness information to enhance personal  well-being, responsibility, and self-direction.
  5. College and Career Readiness: The process of building a foundation for acquiring skills, attitudes, and knowledge that contribute to effective learning in school and enabling students to make a successful transition from school to post-secondary education, training, or world of work.
  6. Problem Solving: The process of productive and perseverant problem solving: of gathering, organizing, synthesizing, and evaluating information in order to reason abstractly and quantitatively.

Social and Civic Expectations

Students will:
  1. Provide service to the greater community
  2. Develop and maintain behavior that promotes a healthy and responsible lifestyle
  3. Exhibit respect for themselves and others
  4. Understand and demonstrate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  5. Explore career options


  About The School  

North Haven High School

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North Haven High School (est. 1954) is a comprehensive public high school serving over 1,000 students in grades 9 through 12. The state-of-the-art campus, which opened in September, 2005, is located on 221 Elm Street in North Haven, CT. The school features a challenging and diverse academic program which includes more than a dozen advanced placement courses, college credit partnerships with Gateway Community College and the University of Connecticut. In addition to courses in core academic areas (English, social studies, mathematics & computer science, and physical and life sciences), NHHS also offers a wide variety of elective courses in art, career education (business, family & consumer sciences, culinary arts, technology education), gifted & talented, media arts, music (instrumental and choral), physical education, and world languages (Chinese, French, Italian, Latin and Spanish). Please see our Program of Studies for a more comprehensive list of courses and academic programs.

NHHS is a member of the Southern Connecticut Conference and participates in more than 20 varsity sports as well as several club level sports (see Athletics). Additionally, the school offers dozens of extracurricular opportunities to enhance student life. In fact, some 70% of NHHS students participate in a club, sport or other extracurricular activity each year.