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The goal of the School Counseling Program at North Haven High School is to assist all students toward success academically, personally/socially, and vocationally.

The School Counseling Department is located within the Student Services Office. It is located on the first floor of the building and serves as a primary source of information throughout high school. 

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 Program Announcements


Join us April 5th @ 6:30pm for our Sophomore Parent Seminar on the Basics of a College Search



Join us March 8th @ 6:30pm for our

Junior College Planning Seminar!

A local college admissions director will give us the inside scoop on college search and admissions!

View the Junior College Planning Seminar Presentation Here



  • Counselors will begin a second Individual Planning Session with Sophomores.
  • Counselors will begin meeting with parents of Juniors for post-secondary planning.
  • Course selection will take place February 7th-16th
  • Advanced Placement exam registration takes place February 6th-10th in Student Services


Upcoming Evening Seminars

Course Information Night

February 8 @ 6pm in the NHHS Gym

Click here for the High School Course Selection Presentation

for 8th Grade students.


Junior College Planning Seminar

March 8th @ 6:30pm


Sophomore Parent Seminar:

Basics of the College Search

April 5th @ 6:30pm - NHHS Theater



College Fairs


 April 5th   – Southern CT College Fair

 4:00pm – 8:00pm

 The Webster Bank Arena



April 6th – NACAC College Fair

 6:30pm – 8:30pm

 CT Convention Center Hartford


 April 17th  – Choate Rosemary Hall

 7:00pm – 8:30pm

 Worthington Johnson Athletic Center


 School Counseling Resources


 Schedule of Student Meetings & Individual Planning Sessions


Calendar of Individual Student Meetings

Course Selection Presentation to 8th Grade Students

Resource/Lists "to do" for each grade click here

School Counseling and Your Child

The Student Success Plan

School Counseling Guide for Families

School Profile

For Athletes

Course Selection Presentation to 8th Grade Students



Freshman Counselor Meeting Packet


FOR SOPHOMORES (in progress)

Click here to find topics related to sophomore year!

Sophomore Checklist



 Junior Post-Secondary Planning Guide



Senior Post-Secondary Planning Guide

Senior Post-Secondary Options Guide

Financial Aid How-To

Financial Aid Brochure from CT Office of Higher Education


Student Success Plan


Grade 9:

· Goal-Setting

· Course   Plan for Graduation

· Complete   “Career Interest Profiler”

· Meet with   School Counselor



Grade 11:

· Goal-Setting  & Review

· Course  Plan for Graduation

· College/Career  Exploration

· Meet with  School Counselor



Grade 10:

· Goal-Setting   & Review

· Course  Plan for Graduation

· Complete “Do What You Are”

· Meet with  School Counselor



Grade 12:

· Goal-Setting & Review

· Course  Plan for Graduation

· Develop  Resume

· Post-Secondary Planning with School Counselor

· Senior Graduation Survey





















 Additional Educational Opportunities

Public Schools of Choice

In accordance to State of Connecticut law (Connecticut Education Law 2001-Sec. 10-220d), each local and regional board of education shall provide access to technical high schools, regional agricultural centers, interdistrict magnet schools, and charter schools. Below you will find links to various schools of choice and information about the various applications.


New Haven Public Schools of Choice

Charter/ACES Schools

CT Technical High Schools




New Student Enrollment &

Alumni Transcript Requests


New Students: Are you new to North Haven High School and need to enroll as a student?

        Click here to read what is required for registration. Registrations are held by appointment 

             and are coordinated by the School Counseling Department.


 Alumni Transcript Requests: Please complete the TRANSCRIPT RELEASE FORM including your

        graduation year and fax to the School Counseling Department attention Mrs. Gambardella


(Fax 203-234-8316)


PowerSchool District Code: TDWM

Use this code to activate the Parent Portal App on your Smart Phone.


Anthony Mastriano, School Counselor, A-Cou

Rebecca Carr, Director of School Counseling, Coy-Cu 

Douglas Frasier, School Counselor, D-Hot

Melissa Chiarelli, School Counselor, Hoy-Mi

Michael Mirabello, School Counselor, Mi-Ry

Laurie Magoveny, School Counselor, S-Z

Melissa Bimonte-Ferrull, Student Services Secretary

Daria Gambardella, Student Services Secretary

Lisa Egan, School Counseling Intern



Our program consists of four components: Individual Planning, Responsive Services, Programs/Curriculum, and Collaboration.  We understand that the developmental process is unique for each student.


North Haven High School provides a comprehensive school counseling program with services to all students in grades 6 through 12. School counselors support the district’s mission to prepare each student to meet high academic standards and to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.


What is a School Counselor? School counselors are professionals with training and skills to support students’ potential for healthy growth in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development.


What do School Counselors do?


  • Work directly with students and work on students’ behalf through collaboration with parents, other school professionals, and community members.
  • Address students’ academic and emotional needs and design approaches to help students chart a course for their lives and careers beyond school.
  • Provide academic, personal, social, career and college counseling.
  • Provide counseling interventions designed to support student growth and the achievement of goals.
  • Provide counseling dealing with self-image and self-esteem, peer relationships, social skills, coping strategies, and conflict resolution.
  • Provide crisis intervention services.
  • Assist students and their parents in planning for a transition to the next grade or school and in course selection at the higher grades.
  • Provide consultation and communication with parents/guardians to support students’ academic and social success.
  • Assist parents/guardians in helping families support students’ growth.
  • Provide advocacy for students.
  • Provide consultation to school staff.


Counselors accomplish their work with students through:


  • Direct services to students individually, in groups, and in the classroom setting.
  • Individual student planning and goal-setting.
  • Group skill building activities.
  • Class instruction based on the developmental school counseling curriculum.
  • Preventative and responsive interventions.
  • Consultation with parents, school, and community.
  • The aim of the comprehensive school counseling program is to promote students’ academic, social, and emotional growth and to encourage healthy development across the school years. Our counselors are here to help parents with concerns regarding their child’s development. Feel free to contact your child’s school counselor whenever you have a concern or question about your child or if you’d like more information about the school counseling program.


The Student Success Plan offers all students the opportunity to engage in an enriching high school experience that will lay the foundation for future success. NHHS also facilitates opportunities for growth outside of our walls. There are programs which supplement our core curriculum and offer challenging experiences.



 221 Elm Street North Haven, CT 06473

phone: 203.239.1641  fax: 203.234.8316