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NHHS Writing Club

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Writing club is...

- a group of students from all four grades

- a creative outlet designed to motivate students to write

- a welcoming environment for students to share what they have already written

- an opportunity for students to "workshop" their writing

- a group that regularly submits pieces for publication and for contests

- [many more yet to be written!]


Writing Club F.A.Q.'s:

Q: What is the generally accepted abbreviation for "frequently asked questions"?

A: F.A.Q.'s


Q: When does Writing Club meet?

A: For the 2017-18 school year, we meet every Wednesday after school in room 214.


Q: How long does each meeting last?

A: We typically close the meetings around 3:30pm.


Q: What goes on during a typical meeting?

A: The answer to this one is a combination of some or all of the following:  writing to a prompt, sharing what we've written either during the prompt or outside of school, workshopping a specific writer's piece, and general conversation between creative individuals.


Q: What does it mean to "workshop" a piece?

A: This involves one or more writings being photocopied for all members present at the meeting.  First, we read and write comments on the copies.  Then, we share our praise, constructive criticism, and creative ideas with the writer.  Finally, the writer gets to ask questions of the other students and advisors. 


Q: What types of "pieces" are acceptable?

A: All types!  We write -- and welcome -- poems, short stories, plays, memoirs, song lyrics, novels in progress, and just about any other type of writing you can imagine!


Q: Is it all about wealth and fame?

A: That's more of an opinion question, but we DO submit regularly to writing contests and other publications.  For information on upcoming contests, stop by during our next meeting!


Q: I love writing, so why am I not in Writing Club?

A: I couldn't tell you...  Attend our next meeting to realize what you've been missing!