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2018/2019 Membership Form (PTSA) 8/20/2018
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2018-2019 Membership Application


Please support the PTA during the 2018-2019 Annual Membership Drive. Send the completed form, along with your payment, to school with your child in an envelope marked PTA Membership.


Membership dues and proceeds from the PTA fundraisers pay for special activities that are held at the school and 

• Project Graduation –Annual graduation night event for outgoing seniors on the night of graduation
• PTA Scholarship Fund - North Haven High School seniors have the opportunity to apply for scholarship awards to support them in their post-high-school endeavors
• Senior to Senior Breakfast- North Haven Senior Citizens are invited to attend a Breakfast with the High School Seniors and enjoy the morning with Raffles and music by the NHHS Choral and Band Departments.
• PTA supports each individual Class, NHHS Clubs, Sports and Student Council – PTA supports each in their fundraising efforts. 
• Staff Appreciation – Annual staff appreciation lunch and other surprises for our hardworking faculty and staff.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!      Please make check payable to NHHS PTA


Please check one:     ____ $   30.00 Family Membership(Family of 4)    


____ $   10.00 Individual Membership       ____ $   8.00Student Membership       

TOTAL PAYMENT:                 $ __________ 


Student Name___________________________ Grade ________   


Student Name____________________________ Grade _______   


Adult Member Name _______________________________________      Phone #__________________


Adult Member Name _______________________________________      E-mail: ___________________

Address: _________________________________________________


STOP & SHOP’s A+ Program, please help us raise more money for the school.  Provide us with your Stop & Shop card number and we will sign you up.  NHHS PTA will earn points that become CASH for your school every time you shop at Stop & Shop.


STOP & SHOP #___________________________________________(please print clearly)

                                         (Number is found on the back of the card)


( ) I am interested in helping the PTA – please call/e-mail me!


Check if applicable: I am a NHH( ) Administrator ( ) Teacher ( ) Staff

PTSA USE ONLY: Cash/Check# _______ Date: _______ Paid Amt: _______ Rec. by (init): _____