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A Message From The Nurse

A Message From The Nurse  

Procedure for Meds in School

All medications, including over-the-counter drugs, may be given in school only with written authorization of a licensed practitioner using form HD-14A.  This form can be accessed on my web page under "Forms" or picked up in any school Health Office, and needs to be renewed every school year.  The parent/guardian must supply the school with a maximum 45 day supply of medication in its original container which has been dispensed and properly labeled by a licensed Pharmacist.  For non-prescription drugs, it must be in its original container or box, and labeled with the student's name.  All medication should be delivered to the school nurse or building principal by the parent or guardian, or other responsible adult.  At the end of the school year, all meds should also be picked up in the same manner within 5 days of the end of school in June.  After that time, the medication will be discarded (with the exception of controlled drugs).  Please call the school nurse @ 203-239-1641 Ext. 2041.


Physicals and Immunizations

Physical examinations are required for entry into Kindergarten, Seventh and Eleventh Grade.  These physicals must be completed by a qualified practitioner of medicine within 12 months prior to entering those grades to fulfill this requirement.  The "State of Connecticut Health Assesment Record" form must be used, and can be accessed on my web page under "Forms".  Also, Pre-Kindergarten children may not enter school without evidence of a physical assessment.  Required immunizations can be found on the HD-1 document also on my web page under "Forms".