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Welcome to Ms. Hardy's Web-site!

How do you use this web-site?  For specific information about your class, just click on the link above with your class name to go to a separate page on this website.  For specific daily information such as class assignments, hand-outs and PPT lessons go to the calendar link above and click on the date of the class you need info about.  Copies of daily documents, PPTs and answer keys can be found on google classroom.  Questions?  ask me in class or send me an email.

Below you will find general information that applies to all classes.

General Class Policies - For GENERAL CLASS RULES for any of Ms. Hardy's math classes, see this document. 

Attendance Policies -  Read THIS DOCUMENT for the attendance policies at NHHS. Also read your student handbook for various other guidelines. 

Academic Dishonesty - will not be tolerated in my class room. Sometimes there is confusion as to what academic dishonesty is comprised of. Read these NHHS academic dishonesty guidelines for more information.


Schedules & Calendars

There are a variety of alternative "bell schedules" for a variety of school days that occur during the year:  Half Day Time Schedule, Advisory Time Schedule, 90 minute delay, 1 hour delay, 2 hour delay, CAPT testing, PSAT testing, Midterm Exam Schedule and Final Exam Schedule. Check the high school home page for these "alternate schedules".  The last four schedules you should get in the mail from the HS.


  Graphing Calculators


Students will be using graphing calculators in mathematics courses such as Algebra I, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Students are not required to purchase calculators. However, if a student and/or parent chooses to make the investment, please note that the TI-84 plus is the calculator that is used in class and the one students will be instructed how to use. The calculator will be used throughout high school and most likely college, depending on the courses. Each teacher has enough calculators for every student to use in class. Since students are using graphing calculators during class, and during some units more than others, there might be times when they will need to use a graphing calculator to complete a homework assignment. If this is the case, students can use the online graphing calculator links below to  to complete their assignments. If students are not able to access these websites at home, they should see their teacher to sign out a calculator to use during study hall, for the night, or possibly for a longer period of time based on course needs. 


Teachers may recommend some of these sites over others depending on the nature of the course and the mathematics that students are using the website for.  If there is a specific site that should be used for a specific course or assignment, the teacher will let the class know.


Links to graphing calculators:


 If you have any questions, please contact me or Mrs. Romberg, math department coordinator 



All mathematics classes are adopting the Common Core Standards for all subject areas.  At open house a handout was shared with parents that gives general information about the practice standards (for all math classes) and the content standards for Algebra One. (go to this link for that handout).  Here is some more detailed information about the Algebra One Content Standards. And finally - here is the "whole story" for all the grades K-12.