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My name is Pilar Arboleda, a Spanish teacher at North Haven High School. I will be teaching Spanish III L2 and L3 during the 2016-2017 school year. My classroom rules comply with the school’s general guidelines.


For this class, students will need a three subject notebook. Students will take a lot of important notes. 


       All students will be able to make revisions and corrections of mistakes done on the unit tests, quizzes and on written activities done during class. Revisions and corrections have to be done on a separate piece of paper. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the grammatical concepts which will help you acquire more proficiency in the target language. Also, you will get credit for working toward a better grade.


Corrections are due the next day we will meet in class. You will not get any credit if you do not follow these directions. 


       Homework is due on the expected day. Late homework is not accepted unless you have been absent. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to contact me for missed work. You have to contact me via email.


       Participation in class is very important. I expect you to utilize the target language as much as you can. You have to be prompt and prepared for class. I expect you to cooperate with your classmates when working in groups in class. Please offer your help to your classmates if you finish your work early. Nobody should copy work from you. You will help them understand and finish their work. All those factors and seeing me for extra help are part of your participation grade.






Grading Policy






Class work/projects…….20%



Unit Tests---------------20%






Extra help


       I will be available every Wednesday for extra help from 2:15 to 3:00. Please see me if you need help understanding grammatical concepts. Also, I can show you some study skills that will help you feel confident and be ready before a quiz. 








Students and parents can communicate with me via email. I will respond to your emails in a timely matter. It is better to communicate with me via emails since I do not have my own room and do not have an extension number. However, you can call the main office and leave a message.

203 283-1641








I am here to help you learn the target language, aprreciate its culture and  guide you into becoming a better person.


Let us have a productive and enjoyable year!




Muchas gracias,


Ms. Arboleda