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Please use my eBoard site (It works!  It's alive!):


Welcome Students and Parents.

Welcome to a new school year at North Haven High School.

Please use this site to familiarize yourself with my policies, procedures, rules, and expectations.

Here you will find rubrics, assignment descriptions, and other important documentation.

Be sure to click on the tab above designated for your class and read/print the relevant documents contained therein. You must, at a minimum, print my rules and reading contract.  Some of the documents in these folders will be immediately useful (Rules, Journal Parameters); some we will not need right away but will be critical in the year ahead (Editing Shortcuts, Paper Rubrics, etc.).

Bear in mind that you will be expected to be in FULL COMPLIANCE with my rules and expectations by the second week of school - this is especially important in terms of your preparedness for class.  

If you are reading this prior to the first day of school, it is highly advisable that you come to class with a pen and a notebook.

If you have any questions of any kind, I can always be reached by email at: