Mr. Woytowich teaches in Room 315:

1A - Prep                              1B - Algebra 2, L2

2A - Algebra 2, L3                 2B - PreCalculus, L2

3A - Main Lobby Duty            3B - PreCalculus, L2

4A - PreCalculus, L2              4B - Algebra 2 Team Meeting / Prep


Extra Help:

Mr. Woytowich will be available for extra help in room 315 after school Tuesday through Friday, during his duty or by appointment.

Policies and Procedures:

A parents' guide to helping your child with homework using the Standards for Mathematical Practice as well as Mr. Woytowich's policies and procedures can be found on his Class Documents.


Online Graphers:








Please see me if you do not own a graphing calculator and you do not have access to a computer at home.