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Learning expectations identify the essential 21st century skills and knowledge that every student will achieve in earning a diploma. These learning expectations are aligned with our core values and beliefs, are required of our accreditation and Board of Education graduation requirements, and are embedded in our teaching and learning.

Every student must demonstrate proficiency in each learning expectation, at least once during her/his junior year. Students will have multiple opportunities across departments to meet each learning expectation during the year. Each department has identified at least one major assessment per marking period that meets the criteria to demonstrating proficiency.

Below are the North Haven High School learning expectations:

Learning Expectation Definitions Departments
Communication The process of expressing ideas in a variety of media and for a variety of purposes, attending to discipline-specific content and conventions.   art, English, media, social studies, world language
Digital Literacy The process of using real world digital tools to ethically access, evaluate, and strategically integrate information for authentic tasks. media, Social Studies, world language
Analytical Thinking

The process of breaking complex processes into components and pursuing solutions systematically and logically.

art, English, music, Science

Health & Wellness The process of understanding  and utilizing health and wellness information to enhance personal  well-being, responsibility, and self-direction Health & physical education
College & Career Readiness The process of building a foundation for acquiring skills, attitudes, and knowledge that contribute to effective learning in school and enabling students to make a successful transition from school to post-secondary education, training, or world of work. Career & Technical Education, school counseling
Problem Solving The process of productive and perseverant problem solving: of gathering, organizing, synthesizing, and evaluating information in order to reason abstractly and quantitatively. Career & technical education, gifted & talented, music, Math, science

Please click on the links below are the Learning Expectation rubrics and the assessment calendar (opportunitites for students to complete learning expectations) for the 2017-2018 school year:

Learning Expectations Rubrics