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BlackBoard MyConnect ALERTs

Blackboard My Connect is a communication service that the North Haven Schools use to send phone calls, emails and/or text messages to parents and staff regarding emergencies, cancellations, announcements, weekly notices, bus delays and reminders. It is also used to report absences.

The 4-page attachment provides detailed instructions for creating your personal ALERT preferences in the Blackboard My Connect ALERT system. Once your preferences have been saved, you can return to the site and make changes at any time.

 If you would like to access the site to set up or change your preferences, or to view the latest messages sent by your school, go to


Opt-out Hotline

Opt-out Hotline:  855-502-7867  " press 1 to opt out of informational calls or press 2 to opt back in."

NOTE: This does not opt out of emergency and attendance messages


24/7/365 Customer Success Support

You may contact the Blackboard Customer Success support line at 866.360.2155 or for assistance with Connect 5 any time, any day of the year.